Welcome to Emission Manager users' guide

Modular processing system for model-ready emission input preparation

This guide is organized in the following sections:

  • Introduction: gives an overview of Emission Manager architecture and working mode
  • Input database: describes the formats of all input files constituting the Emission Manager input database for a given application
  • Modules reference: description of all the individual computational modules (purpose & functions, input/output, calling syntax)
  • EMMA shell commands: set of preset shell commands and procedures helping the automated creation of emission input for air quality models through a coordinated use of Emission Manager

Other files formats are illustrated in the Appendix.

Alphabetical index of manual pages.

EMGR cover figure


Input database

Time-independent “client files”

Time-dependent files

Species split/speciation

Geographic references

Modules reference

Modules glossary

General modules

Model-specific modules

Example batch files to run EMGR modules

EMMA shell commands

System description and architecture

Shell commands reference

Appendix - Other files formats

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